The Boston Consulting Group - Digital Ventures

Location: Manhattan Beach, California Size: 27,000 sf Budget: Confidential Completion: 2014 Program: Creative Office, Research+Development, Innovation lab MEP: Syska+ Hennessy Group Structural: BP Consulting Engineers Graphics: EGG Design Group Lighting: HLB AV: Waveguide Animations: V-Studios Photography: Phototekt PM: CBRE Contractor: HBC Team Members R&A: Christian Robert, Principal Amanda Salud, Project Manager, Project Architect Nicole Le Blanc, Alan Guillen, Marcos Moll, Teresa Marcos, Shannon Slade Story: We set off to discover a new type of work environment and new approach to business consulting for Boston Consulting Group's "Digital Ventures" team. The new group integrates Business Strategy with Product, User experience Design, and engineering disciplines. The initial hub and prototype center, located in Manhattan Beach, CA, fosters collaboration between the three disciplines in hexagon shaped "Venture" rooms, deriving its shape from an initial research phase about new meeting room typologies. These VENTURE rooms, paired with smaller in-promptu meeting rooms, segment a traditionally open floor plan into separate villages that allow focus, identify and yet openness to other teams.

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